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Colours for winter 2006/7

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The latest colours for 2005/06

Color trend palette for Autumn Winter 2005/6.

Ranging from the burnt orange,reds,violet,purple,teal,deep green,yellow,silver and grey.

New Colours for Autumn Winter 2006/7 Fashion Trends

New Colours for Fall Winter 2006/7As autumn 2006 settles down, colour fashion trends for fall 2006/7 reveal that warm earthen tones and natural materials gain appeal as women shop for new clothes.

The strongest colours in this palette are golds, reds and violas.

For lovers of pinks good news, pink is still around, but it is either warmer becoming more coral/watermelon toned or more powdered and dustier toward heather/lilac.

Warm Earth Tones, Powder Shades & Neutral Whites

Spring and summer saw a move toward natural tones, especially creamy and skin toned buffs or cameo pinks.  Fall winter 2006/2007 predictions sees those fashion trend colours merge into earthier and more softened powdered colours.  Powdery shades with brownish undertones are used as carob colours are teamed with each other or mixed and layered with old rose or mauve rose pinks.  These clothing colours move through the mahogany tonal range and plum pinks. The latter also work well as contrast highlights to grey, charcoal tones and indigo blue dark inky shades. All are strongly acceptable urban colourways.  Greys paired with plum pinks create a seemingly fresh autumn colour scheme.

Winter white set against black helps keep garments looking peppy and sharp, but many whites are soft and flattering with their creamy cast.  White can also be as subtly subdued as a pearl or oyster grey like in tone.

Colour Trends in Fashion Autumn Winter 2006/7

Subdued, more murky and subtle fashion colour combinations of Autumn 2006/7So the colour forecast is to be prepared for more subdued, more murky and subtle fashion colour combinations such as those shown directly left. Autumn 2006/7 colour combinations of the latest fashion palette really are the colours of the rustling leaves of a New England Fall.

 Typical Fashion Colours for Autumn Winter 2006/7

Good colours to invest in for fall 2006/2007 are all the earth tones, golden ochres, rusts and taupe.Good colours to invest in for fall 2006/2007 are all the earth tones, golden ochres, taupe, khaki, olive green and greys.Good colours to invest in for fall 2006/2007 are all the earth tones, golden ochres, rusts, taupe, khaki, olive green, red, and purples. 


Red comes in every hue from cranberry to iron oxide. These bursts of colour will be vital to add life to what is a fairly subdued murky palette with a great deal of monochrome grey schemes.  

  .Purple provides a vital injection of colour.

Grey and charcoal ranges from pale grey to blue grey and deep blue to darker shades.Blue grey and deep blue to darker shades are a change from the earth tones of much of the palette.


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